Princeless Volume 5: Make Yourself - Jeremy Whitley

This one shifts the focus a bit.  We are introduced to Bedelia's family - basically the dwarven side which includes the difference between male and female dwarves as well as queer couples.  This leads to Adrienne and Bedelia splitting up because Bedelia wants to visit her mother.  Adrienne uses the break to ask questions about sexuality which was handled quite well.  The first part of the collection is a beautiful story about Adrienne coming to terms with hair.  I wish I had read this when one my students had written a research paper about natural hair because I really think she would have liked this.


The second focus is on Adrienne's brother Devin and his quest to save his mother.  He is aided by a new team of friends which includes a girl wolf-shifter as well as a prince and a elf girl.  Devin is great because he shows intelligence and creatively are just as important as the ability to whack things.