If Pablo had been a woman, he would have been forgotten.

Life with Picasso - Françoise Gilot
There is a musical titled, La Vie en Bleu -Life in Blue - and it is about Picasso. It’s actually a pretty good musical, even if it is about a douchebag. Because the one thing you learn reading this book is that he might have been a famous/great painter but he was a douche.

No, having lots of lovers does not make you a douche. Nope. It is abusing said lovers.

I mean, he held a cigar on her cheek.

Okay, okay. Gilot’s memoir is strange. On one hand it feels like she knows that the relationship was not healthy, so it reads in part like a woman coming to realize the truth about her relationship. Gilot seems to be aware of this because she notes why she does things that meant not be healthy. How she cannot refuse a challenge, or something she sees as a challenge. And it is telling that the friend of hers that is present in the early part of the book disappears.

But on the other hand, Gilot seems to be taking care to point out that she was far different, say better, than the other women in Picasso’s life. She isn’t as crazy, she’s more accommodating, smarter, better matched.

So, she basically proves that Picasso is douche because she follows his manipulations. I mean, if his woman ever had ganged up on him, he would have been so dead.

Yet, the book also presents a time and place, so it is interesting, and extremely well written.