Abydos: The History and Legacy of the Ancient Egyptian Holy City and Burial Site - Charles River Editors

This is a good overview, but almost half the book is a history of Osiris. This does make sense, but makes it less of a history of the city.

Additionally, while I can understand why CRE uses the same wording in multiple books, I find it irksome. I am not talking about when they offer combined editions, but when a huge part of one history, say about Osiris, is used word for word in another book, like say Abydos.

I know it makes sense from a money point of view. And it's not plaragism. But if CRE wants people to buy the works instead of picking them up for free, I think they need to stop doing this. 2.99 for a book that is almost 50% of another book you might have already read is steep.