Ormens lidande - Sylvain Runberg, Boris Talijancic, Stefan Carlsson
Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley

Who doesn’t love a good Viking saga? C’mon, who doesn’t? Yeah, I know. We want less rape, but there is something about the Vikings anyway isn’t there? Hammerfell tells the story of a group of Vikings who, sadly for our hero, suffer a defeat during the time he is to get married.

Part of the problem with this graphic novel, in fact the major problem, is that it is difficult to keep some of the men straight. There is not this problem with the women. And the whole, “we are Christians, we do not rape” idea for the bad guys seems a bit contrived. It’s not that I want to see rape, but it just has the feeling of contrived idea, especially considering what appears to be the back story of the bad guy.

Yet, the women in the book are just as strong as the man. And while our hero’s love, Lina, is, in part, the damsel who gets kidnapped and who he must save. She is not a violet who wants to be saved. She stands on her own. This makes a nice change.