Natty Vol. 1 - Melvil
Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley

Natty is a princess who really likes flowers and who has a cow the size of a dog.

I want the cow.

Natty is also a princess who perhaps is a bit spoiled but is also very curious and asks questions. When forced to chose between two suitors, neither of whom is well suited to her. When she refuses, she sets in motion a series of events that will expand her knowledge and challenge the status quo.

The series seems to draw upon Indian ideas of caste as well as worship. Natty discovers that while she may live in a wonderful palace what lies below is far from wonderful and might be a result of the behavior of the rich. Natty is actually an extremely self-aware girl, who knows her weaknesses and is able to take when someone pokes gentle fun at her. She also has a brain.

The artwork is wonderful. Natty is not sexualize (and in fact she wears underwear, some touch, but important).

It is a wonderful comic.