Still free

The Lost Narwhal - Tori McGee


If I have a favorite whale, it's the Narwhal. Unicorns of the sea.

(Killer Whales are not whales, just saying).

So that's why I picked up this free kindle book.

McGee's book is about Mel the Narwhal who gets lost from his blessing (a group of Narhwals). The theme of the story is to embrace and understand differences. It's not a bad book. The rhymes could be a bit better, but the story is sweet and the illustrations are lovely - cute whales that are correctly dark. I love the use of place names as well. The moral is great.

The drawback is that there is a group of people who could easily flip the meaning of the book. This is not McGee's fault, and I am not saying that McGee is one of these people. It's not the book's fault, it is the time we live in. I can easily see Trump reading this (okay, maybe not the reading bit), to his grandchildren and saying it is about how we all stay in our countries. And that angers me because that is not the point of the story. Again, this is not McGee's fault, think of it as a warning about a review that might misrepresent the book.

Which is a shames because it is a wonderful book about whales (who need the cold water, so), music, and friendship.