Kindle Freebie Kid Book Round Up.

Yara's Tawari Tree - Yosef Lapid, Joanna Pasek A Horse Story: Sami and Thomas meet Pascal - James McDonald The Elf Who Couldn't Read - Sonica Ellis Serafina Soars - Alma Hammond Aqua Dog - Lisa Van de Wielen, Alison Mutton Goodnight Portland - Morgan Guillaume

The best is Yara's Tawari Tree - which is  wonderful book about the importance of nature.


Serafina Soars  is also quite good, in particular with the ending bit that relates history.  Nice artwork.


Aqua Dog and the Elf Who Couldn't Read are both good, if a bit heavy on the lesson side.  The elf story also stresses the importance of learning.


Goodnight Portland is a fun parody with beautiful illustrations.


A Horse Story - the art isn't going to be for everyone, but I loved the fact that the author noted the amount of work that goes in caring for a horse.