Art Kindle Freebies

Pedro Cervantes - Aldama Fine Art Circles of Delight: Classic Carousels of San Francisco - Aaron Shepard

FYI - the Pedro Cervantes book is still free in the US.


I don't read or speak Spanish, and I brought the Cervantes book largely because I wanted to look at more of his artwork.  The book does include a timeline and an essay.  The photos of his works are quite good, and with a price of zip,well worth it.


Circles of Delight - is, sadly, no longer free.  Shepherd is better known for his children's version of various fables and fairy tales.  This book is a look at the carousels in San Fran.  The history of the carousels is short, but the photos are beautiful.  I love that he paid attention to areas of the actual structure as well as the mounts.