Goblin War (Jig the Goblin Series #3)

Goblin War - Jim C. Hines This is the last book in the Golbin triolgy. For some reason, I don't think it meshed as well as the first two. It didn't seem as funny. Maybe it's because I read it right after No. 2.Hines explores both Shadowstar and Jig's origins in this book, so in some ways it feels like one of those comic books or adventure novels that Hines draws form. Part of the problem, however, is that there is one character (outside of Jig, Shadowstar, and Smudge) who is central to the story who appeared in the earlier books. While characters from book 2 get cameos or are mentioned, by and large they are not present. This is somewhat disappointing. I would have liked to see more Slash and Veka. I want to know more about thier stories.However, Hines continues to mock and play with the standard conventions of fantasy. While his humor is different than Pratchett, he seems to look at fantasy the same way. Both of Hines series, the Jig and Princess books, are well worth reading.