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Troll: A Love Story - Herbert Lomas, Johanna Sinisalo

This is a very strange book.


The book starts as a young photographer rescues a troll, which in the realm of the book really exists.  And then things get strange.  The love story part of the novel in particular.


The love story is between various characters as they all try to get into Angel's pants because he is so . . . something.  Honesty, I don't get what is attractive about Angel.  And on that note, that aspect of a love story fails.


But that isn't the real purpose of the love story, which is more about a love for nature and country.  The selling point of the novel is the development of the troll and Angel's relationship to it.  It is those aspects of the novel, furthered by the research bits that pop up, that really make the novel work.


The troll, Pessi, in part, seems to symbolize nature, and though his story, we get glimpses of how humankind effects nature and changes it.  It is though the trolls that the novel allows Sinisalo to examine our relationship with nature.