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A Girl Named Anna - Lizzy Barber

This was a 2019 Sept MyBookBox Mystery selection.



A Girl Named Anne is told from the viewpoint of two girls.  One, Anna, whose story is slightly  more important, and a second, Rosie, whose voice is far more engaging.  The story centers on what happened to Rosie's missing sister, Emily, who went missing when Rosie's British family was visiting Harry Potter land   Astroland.


It is not a bad book, and many people loved it, but I found it to be, well, a bit boring. 


In part this is because the reveal kept to too late in the book; therefore, relying on the characters of Anna and Rosie.  And I found Anna's voice to be so boring.  In part this is because of the circumstances, but there is no life in those chapters as there is with Rosie's.  But Rosie's chapters, in retrospect, don't really contribute that much to the plot, so there's that.  I can understand it is to show the effect on the family left behind  but that gets quickly overwhelmed by Anna's which is (1) not surprising and (2) somewhat disappointing.  I wanted more from those chapters instead simply becoming an appendage to Anna's story. The really good part of the book is Rosie's friendship with Kiera.  That relationship is so wonderfully written and beautiful.  It is the most solid part of the book.