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Emergency Skin - N.K. Jemisin

Apologies to OB who reviewed this two weeks ago and it didn't quite register for me.  If it had I would have picked it up sooner and before Ryanecandye tweeted about it last night.  Sorry Blue.


When some indie writers complain about readers, they slight readers disinclination to say, two bucks on a "book" that totals 33 pages and is, therefore, really short story.  Such authors claim that readers only want freebies. They are both right and wrong.  If a reader buys the book and didn't read the page length, well that's on them. And let's be honest, I've picked up a great many kindle books when they were offered free, so who doesn't love a freebie.  But why should I, as a reader, spend two dollars on a short story by an author I don't know and haven't read before?  One of the first books I got when I got my first kindle was an Indie author.  The book sounded really good so I brought it.  And it was really, really, really bad.  I mean, deleted it from my account bad.  So I tend to be very careful with new to me authors.  


But authors I know - they can take my money.  I don't mind spending a few dollars on a Byatt, Hines, LaValle, or Jemisin story (just to name a few).


And quite frankly, this Kindle Single is the reason why Jemisin should add the Nobel Prize to her trophy wall (and the Booker, but I am not sure if this would qualify for the Booker because of the length).


So Skin - Skin is something you should read.  Now.  Drop everything and read it.  I love the Fox Series 9-1-1.  Yes, yes, I know it isn't realistic but I don't care.  It is various women of various body types that kick ass and are friends.  I love it.  But I was so engrossed in this story that I missed the opening to my beloved show (the only show I watch on Network tv when it comes on as opposed to later On Demand or on Hulu).


In one short story, Jemisin deals with issues of science, racism, climate change, sexism, ethics, law enforcement. I mean just wow.  Totally wow.  Bloody brilliant wow.


(BTW, the audio version is read by Jason Isaacs and is free with the kindle ebook).