The Fairy and the Butterfly - Ivanka Sergilova, Mina Anguelova
I am very, very conflicted about this book.

The art work is beautiful, and the story does examine, somewhat, the effects of depression. (I mean, its a kid's book it can't be that detailed).

Yet, the use of fatness is off. And it is impossible to discuss without spoilers so, you've been warned.

The whole bit about the ugly caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly is fine. We've all seen that before. It's the "cure" for the fairy. I get the travelling as healing but considering that the fairy and the butterfly move from clearly female to, at least, an androgynous (but pretty much male) look is disquieting. Further, the implication that you are made beautiful by someone who is beautiful is a bit off putting as is the implication is that once you are beautiful you are healed. It's like fat girl saved by beautiful best friend who dies of cancer after saving fat girl.