Give this a miss

The Christmas Cat that Sparkles - Emily Little

If you spend any amount of time on Book Twitter, you will discover that there are some people (reviewers and authors) who believe if you can't say anything nice about a book, do not say anything at all. This is followed by every book is a work of art and should be treated like a glorious baby.

Well, okay. I love the cover. The picture of the cat is great. See, I said something good.

The writing is pretty bad.

1. complete lack of understanding of comma rules
2. Sentences like "This was very difficult with the butterflies in their tummies, waiting, in anticipation for Santa Claus to arrive in the hope that they might catch a glimpse of the magic of Santa and his reindeer". It makes sound like the butterflies are waiting.
3. The art and the story do not match. A picture of cottage is in the middle of the countryside, but the text tells us that the smell of cookies was in the streets.

I get it is an indie, I get that it is a children's book, but editing is important.


But hey Sparkles is misspelled on the Amazon description so I was warned.