The Snow Child

The Snow Child - This is one of those novels that succeed in large part because of the atmosphere and the care that goes into crafting characters. Mabel and Jack is a childless older couple who move to Alaska to find a new life. They are also coming to terms with their own grief and loneness. One day, they notice a strange child on their property. She is dressed in the clothes that they put on the snow girl they created the night before. Is she a snow being, a fairy, or simply a person? That mystery would seem from first glance to be the focus of the novel; however, the real focus of the novel is the growth and change that Mabel and Jack go though as they move forward in life. They come to terms not only with their own lives but their surroundings. Looking at what I just wrote, I guess I am making the book sound dull. It’s not. Its part a love story to Alaska, but not a love story with blinders on. It is story of spring and winter, and the life that goes on in both. It is a story about journey though depression and love. Fania, the snow girl, deserves and earns the mystery that carries the novel though. It is to the author’s credit that the sense of mystery does not overwhelm the story and plot but builds on to it. Adding another layer, like another layer of snow.