What Building Stones Tell - Jeanne Paquette,  Ainsley Savage This is the most awesome guide I have ever brought at a museum. In Montreal, on McGill campus, there is a small museum, Redpath Museum. It has rocks, animals, a mummy - in other words it is a small natural history museum. It doesn't cost much (supposedly a donation) and is open before the other museums. They published this book there. The book is guide of walking tour that you cannot take in Montreal. Instead of going into the buildings, however, you go outside of the buildings and the guide tells you where you can find fossils among other things in the stones that make up the buildings.The coolest is the cat footprints on the bricks at the McGill Faculty Club. The book offers basic infromation about fossils, definations and so on, as well as an analysis of the buildings. It is geared to all age levels, but does not speak down to its reader. If you go to Montreal, go to the Redpath and buy this book.