The True Deceiver - Tove Jansson, Thomas Teal, Ali Smith I picked this up because I love Moomin, and I thought that the cover was beautiful.And because, I walked into Joseph Fox Booksellers. A small bookstore where you can never buy less than four books at a time because they have such a good stock. Furthermore, you've left another twenty or so behind that you just have to have.Even better, the workers there, truly know books. You just need to know the vague sense of the plot and they can point you right to the book you want.This isn't a children's book and it is very dark. But in many ways it is about what makes people people. And how we become who we are. The deciever of the title is left up to the judgement of the reader. I know that we are suppose to see it as a quasi battle between the two women, but I have to wonder about the character of Mats. I also wonder how much of this book is based on being an outside to a small community. Karti is pretty like like the Finn witch or wise woman. Perhaps this is an inversion of Jansson herself?Haunting book. But a quiet book that sticks with you. It isn't the flash in the pan that Larsson's work is. It is far more subtle; it's almost like a meditation.