Beyond Black - Hilary Mantel This is one of those books. You know those books, the ones that aren't bad, but aren't good, but you're not entirely upset you read, but they don't really inspire you to find anything more by the author.(Thankfully, I already Wolf Hall so I know she can do better).It's one of those books that you know could be better if something, but you're not sure what, was better or different. Yet, you feel like your stupid and not quite getting it. Until you realize The New York Times took ages to reveiw Nation so maybe they're not quite getting it.It's not a bad book, but you feel an awesome desire to slap everyone. Really. The use of abuse feels a little sloppy when compared to something like [b:Push|71332|Push|Sapphire||69081]. There are, however, some very funny bits enough to keep me reading, but I was glad when it was over.