The Twice Born - Pauline Gedge Re-Read March 2013 - Really good character study. Ishat rocks.I discovered Pauline Gedge eight years during a trip to Montreal. I brought [b:Child of the Morning|296570|Child of the Morning|Pauline Gedge||1526292] and loved it. This book, The Twice Born is her best work to date.The book does not have much physical action, so if you are in the mood for battles between huge armies, this book doesn't have it. What this book does, and does well, is offer a mediation on fate. Huy is the twice born. He died and came back. He can now see into the future and commune with the Egyptian gods. Huy, however, would rather live a normal life. Gedge offers us a fated character and how he comes to term with his fate. The book includes discussion about belief, about fate, and about being true to yourself.Gedge does an excellent job painting ancient Egypt for the reader. The reader gets a good feel for the time and place. All of Gedge's characters live and move. No character is too similar and all seem to be nice layered.