The Red Queen - Margaret Drabble I enjoyed the first half of the book (actually the first 159 pages). I found the story of the Crown Princess being told by her own ghost to be interesting, and I liked the story of the ghost being more educated in death than her physical self was in life. I haven't seen that in a ghost story before. The first half also made me want to read the actual memoirs. However, I hated the second half of the book. In general, I do not like it when authors introduce themselves into their own work. I felt no connection to Babs and for some reason wanted to either slap her or kick her out of the book. The book would have worked better as a novella for it seems the sole purpose of the novel is so that Drabble can share her interst in the Crown Princess with the reader. This is clear in the first part where it works, but in the second part it seems to fall away, and the book becomes self indulgent.