Henry V, War Criminal?: And Other Shakespeare Puzzles - John Sutherland, Karl-Heinz Engel, Cedric Watts, Stephen Orgel This book does present interesting ideas and proposed solutions for some of the issues in Shakespeare’s plays. However, I have take issue with the statement about Lady Macbeth. What in nine hells is the phrase “only a woman" suppose to mean? Wonderful talks about Juliet’s age, about the time in JC, but Lady Macbeth is only a woman and is, therefore, frightened of blood which drives her bonkers? Did you read Titus? I know you read R&J. Okay, got that out my system. This book is really worth reading. The essays about Othello and Hamlet are interesting and give additional perspective to the play. There does seem to be a misreading of Cleopatra - how sexual would she be with children in tow, and if you read the play, she does love to act. Outside of commenting on perhaps the two most famous female characters in Shakespeare’s plays, most of the comments are good and worth reading for any student of Shakespeare. Sections on Hamlet are really good.