Olympus - Martin H. Greenberg, Bruce D. Arthurs, Roberta Gellis, Tanya Huff, Dennis L. McKiernan, Michelle Sagara West, Jo Clayton, Diana L. Paxson, Mike Resnick, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Nick DiChario, Karen Haber, Irene Radford, Charles de Lint, Deborah Wheeler, Jon DeCles, Nina Kir Overall, I have to say this collection was a bit of let down. A good portion of the stories were boring and predictable. Even "The Sword of Herkales" one could see coming a world away.I couldn't get though about 4-5, and one of the ones I got though, "The Arrows of Godly Pleasure", I really didn't like. There was something about the ending, a suggestion that all she needed was a real man and a good screw and forget about her own choices.The best story is Tanya Huff's, about a problem of the marriage of Hades. It was extremely funny and had good little touches. Watt-Evens story too had the right amount of humor."To Hades and Back" was funny simply because of the interplay between Zeus and Apollo as well as the refence to Clinton (a positive one, if you care about those things) at the end. While Wheeler's "The Harpies Discover Sex" was predictable, it was very funny and had some good touches.