Asenath - Anna Patricio Asenath is one of those books that has great potential, but it needs a bit more work. It is quite clear from the writing that the author loves the story of Asenath and Joseph, and so do I. I was glad that I read the book, but the book is closer to fanfiction than to an actual novel. While the character of Asenath is well drawn and the romance is real, the wording and description needs some more work. It does feel more like fanfiction than a polished novel. There are phrases like "hung out" that feel totally out of place, even if when giving the book a pass to make the material more accessible. At times, Asenath feels more like a story taking place in a modern city than ancient Egypt. I think I would have been disappointed if I had paid for the book (I got as a kindle freebie).That said, Anna Patricio conveys though her writing her love and interst in the story. This love and interest does engage the reader and makes the story worth reading, at least for a freebie. In terms of something to pay for, it can use a bit more polish and more description that makes ancient Egypt instead of the modern world.