Free Amazons of Darkover - Mercedes Lackey, Elisabeth Waters, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Diana L. Paxson, Margaret L. Carter, Joan Marie Verba, Nina Boal, Patricia Shaw Mathews, Susan Holtzer, Jaida n'ha Sandra, Walter Breen, Richard Hescox, Shery Kramer, Maureen Shannon, Margaret Silvestri, Susan M. The collection gives some background on the Amazons of Darkover, including an explanation of the oath. Bradley’s story “The Legend of Lady Bruna” has a wonderful framing device and includes Magda. Her “Knives” is a dark story but looks at the meaning of the oath. “Cast off Your Chains” by Margaret Silveslri looks more closely at the Dry Towns women. It offers a rather historically reverent view from a Terran. “The Open Door” is perhaps the weakest story because it is the most symbolic. Mercedes Lackey’s story “A Different Kind of Courage” might be the best one simply because it stays true to its title. It actually takes a closer look at how the Amazons might actually think of themselves.