Bone - Jeff Smith Once upon a time, the Marx brothers went to a magical kingdom and met a old woman who races cows and stupid, stupid rat creatures who have idenity problems involing the eating of quiche.It's funny how we change and yet, somehow, stay the same. I've read comics (or graphic novels) at three points in my life so far. In each of these points, it's been a slightly different style. When I was a preteen, my local store sold mainly DC and so I read those. But it was mainly non-mainstream - Rocket Raccoon and Atari Force. In high school, I got mainly into Marvel (long live the original New Warriors, Firestar, and Jean Grey) until the Marvel writing really, truly declined. Now, when I read comics I'm reading Veritgo (so back to DC) or independent graphic novels stuff like The Complete Maus. I picked this up because several reviewers raved about it.It's a cartoon epic fairy tale. It is what Disney princesses should be. It's an instant classic. It's pure genius. It's laugh out loud funny.I guess one of the reasons why I stopped reading Marvel comics was the secondary status of many of the female characters as well as the fact that whenever a female got too powerful, she had a "power" issue - something that Magneto, at time if ever, really had. And there is a trend in fantasy fiction, be it comic, book or movie, for the chosen one to be male. Or if the chosen is a girl, she's a baby (think Willow) Here the chosen one is a girl who matures over the length of the epic. Her name is Thorn, btw, and she isn't the only strong woman in the story.The main focus of the story isn't entirely Thorn, but the Bone cousins - Phoney, Smiley, and, most importantly, Fone. These Bones have been run out of Boneville due to an unfortunate political campign, and eventually met up with Thorn and her grandma Ben, who races cows. What then follows is part Lord of the Rings, part comic book action, mostly epic fantasy with slapstick thrown in at the right moments. (I personally loved all the Moby Dick jokes myself.The epic combines the best part of an epic fantasy story with the best part of a good comic book. It deals with family love, loyalty, romantic love, friendship, the pysche, and cats. As well as dragons and the nature of good and evil. It is the type of book that you would love to see on the big screen, but you now if they ever did, Hollywood would F**K it up.While the book is mostly child friendly (there are scary scenes and violence as well as jokes about nudity), it is really adult in most of its references.Aww, skip this review and just read it, okay?