Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn - Henry VIII,  J.O. Phillips I use the story of Henry VIII and his wives to help students learn how to take lecture notes. Why marry the big fat gooba is the question that gets ask. Because he's the king and you can't say no, because of the money, silks, jewels.And because of this.I've always been one of those Tudor groupies who has a fondness for both Katherine of Aragon and for Anne Boleyn (I also like Anne of Cleves and Katherine Parr). I always thought that Henry VIII believed what he said about his first marriage, though I also think that it wasn't necessary the truth. I also don't believe Anne Boleyn commited adultery. She doesn't strike me as that stupid.Reading these letters from Henry to Anne, one can understand why she married him, even if one's view of history is that of Anne of a Thousand Days. Henry comes across as an ardent and passionate love. The letters smolder, even in this Kindle digtal edition. The attraction that Henry must have had in his life comes though far more than any biography of him.