Fulk the Reluctant (Harlequin Historical, #713) - Elaine Knighton So my GRF Elizabeth writes in her review (see here) about problems with reading with feeling.It doesn't work with this book. It really doesn't. There are soooo many questions that one has to ask. So many important questions that reading with feeling goes out the window.Like, would you really want to temper an Iron maiden with your touch? Wouldn't it be rather painful? Wouldn't it have a vagina dentia? Wouldn't that be like getting gelded? Wouldn't it be simpler to take a big ole fire and shove the stupid Iron Maiden into it? If you're French, why in the bloody hell would you go to England? For a blasted tourney so you can get money for sister to get married? Why is long hair that is never cut and hardly washed considered too die for by the ladies? If you're named Fulk, why don't you Fulk something (and sheep don't count)? If you were named Lioba, wouldn't you change your name?If you're a high ranking whatisit, why do you need to marry Miss Thingie? If Miss Thingie's land is so precious, why don't more men come knocking? Why doesn't daddy marry again to father a son if a son was so blasted precious? And why does Miss Thingie get all willy nilly at the sight of blood when she wishes to hit people with her lance, sword, or arrow (and why aren't those phallic symbols)?And how can a woman be strong enough to left one of those heavy lances, but pretty and soft in all the right places?But it's not all bad; I've read worse.