Midnight Blue: Sonja Blue Collection - Nancy A. Collins, Thom Ang I first read Nancy A. Collins in The Vampire Sextette, and loved her. I got the Sonja Blue collection right after.It's sad that Collins gets overlooked as people go for the vampire as romantic hero books. She shouldn't be. The Sonja Blue novels are dark and violent, but more real in that sense. This isn't your child's twilight vampire. This isn't your romantic seducer. This is a predator. They bite. This is an adult vampire novel.Additionally, the series is nice because Blue is a conflicted woman, but not conflicted over which guy she loves or lusts after. She is conflicted over more serious and deadly issues. I find it interesting that Blue in large part is shaped by the men around her, but than rejects them. In a large sense, the series is about Blue becoming who she wants to be, not what others want her to be. Something many women can identify with.