More Comic Round up

The Red Shoes and Other Tales by Metaphrog - currently this is free to the end of May in ebook form.  It includes two retellings Andersen tales and an original piece.  Nicely dark and scary when called for.  


Harleen #1 (DC) - still free - Harley Quinn’s backstory or a new origin.  I’m not sure which.  The price for 2 and 3 is very steep, but the writing is so very good.  I wasn’t a huge Quinn fan until Bird of Prey, and then when this was free, I figured I should check it out.  It really is quite good.  I particularly love the fact that women actually talk to each other and not about men in this.  The book also deals with how getting labeled can stick with you, and how people can combat that.


DC Nuclear Winter Special - this one I paid for.  It is a bunch of Christmas/winter themed stories from the DC universe.  The Aquaman tale was particularly good.  It was better than the DC Holiday Special which is on offer for free - that one has far more male centered stories than female ones.  Nuclear Winter Special has a great Supergirl story among others.


Ghost Omnibus (Dark Horse) - this is pretty darn good.  It is about a woman who is a ghost (hence the title) as she tries to figure out what extactly she is and how she got there.  It is superior to the relaunch of the series, which centers her tale though the viewpoint of men.  While this older edition might be a little heavy on men are evil let’s get them in some aspects of the story, it is actually still good.  I loved the Predator crossover in particular.   This is also still free.


Priya’s Shakti - three issues, all free.  This Indian comic is about the abuse of women.  The subject matter may at times be graphic (and therefore triggering), and perhaps it is too preachy, but it is a good series.


Lando #1 - this is a spin off of the Solo movie, though it takes place before.  It is everything Star Wars should be.