Philadelphia Protest

I know that the rioting and looting that took place after the protest got coverage, but people should also know:


Rizzo is a conflicted and problematic (to say it politely) figure in Philly.  Did some good for some people, but also was a racist and very pro cop as in “cops never do anything wrong”.  The statue is slated to be moved (this decision was made prior to the protest).


Two, the rioting and looting were in Center City. The rumors of Southwest Philly being targeted were not true.


Three (and this is the important one) - Harriett’s Bookshop, a Black woman owned and oriented bookstore in the Fishtown section received a donation and handed out copies of Harriett Tubman and Malcolm X during the protest.  That is what protesting in Philly is and should be remembered for.  (FYI - the bookshop is online and on Venmo).