The Long War - Stephen Baxter, Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett loves cat but I'm not sure how he feels about dogs considering the dogs in this book.  But that's okay, he loves cats.  His cat apparently tried to eat hamsters once.


The Cat is not grooming the hamster in the pic, but taste testing



For the record, I love Pratchett's work, and the three books I read by Stephen Baxter I enjoyed.  I was thrilled they were working together.  It should be noted, however, that I am a reader, not a fan as Pratchett would say.  I still love Pratchett, and I am glad about his book deal.


If you have never read Stephen Baxter or Terry Pratchett before do not start with the series let alone this book.  Start elsewhere.  Do.

This book, the second in a series (most likely of three) raises some very interesting topics and questions.  It would make for a good philosphey and moralstic debate.  The world building is nice.

And it is a morals and world building novel looking for a plot because there is not one.  Sorry, no plot, maybe a wink of one.  Have to call it as I see it.  No plot.  At least the first book in the series had some humor going for it.  No humor in this one.  Some very boring characters who talk too much.  Some more interesting characters who don't do enough (and in one case disapper for about half the book), and some interesting characters who sing, but who knows what they sing.  Something happened at the end, but honestly at that point I didn't care because THERE WASN'T A PLOT. 

It reminded me of the Otherworld series by Tad Williams.  The writers got caught up in the idea and were able to overlook the plot that was jumping up and down to be included.