Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith - Jon Krakauer

First, I have to say that Krakauer's writing is fantastic.  He sweeps up the reader.  He tells stories wonderfully.  He never talks down to either his reader or his subject.  For instance, in this book it would have been quite easy for Krakauer to protray every polygamist as evil.  This he does not do; in fact, he seems to like DeLoy Johnson.  Overall, his protrayal of people seems to be fair.

The problem I had, and it wasn't until I finished the book that I had it, is that Krakauer doesn't fully do what the book supposedly sets out to do.  I understand much more about Mormon history and Mormon fundamentalism, but Krakauer does not do that good a job of showing how the Lafferty brothers were made killers.  In other words, while it tries to discover why people do bad things in the name of religion, it doesn't fully do so.  In fact, it doesn't really do so