The Vivisector (Penguin Classics) - Patrick White, J.M. Coetzee

Patrick White could write.  Look at this book, it’s about a man who you want to smack but you have to keep reading, you have to see what happens.  Wonderful.  It is a type of book where you can see why the author won the Nobel Prize.  I am upset that I was not introduced to him in college.

                Hurtle is an artist, one of those startling true artists who paints the truth of those whom he knows as well as himself.  The ladies love him because he is a cruel bastard.  He was sold to a family, a mess up family but wealthy, and yet he does not quite fulfill that promise.

                The book is mediation on art as well as on what exactly a family and love are.  It is an excellent study and a deep book, one that stays with you.