Okay, Grim if Robocop was bad, you can just buy me a beer (Review Part 2)

Abducted by the Kraken - Tammy Black

Yeah, I know, I know.  Okay, so the first part of this review pointed out some of the typos and mistakes that could possibly lead to laughs.  This second part of the review is more serious.  It also makes comments about the view that the book presents of the author (not the author herself).  Also I feel that for those remarks, I must apologize to any man who reads this review.  I’m really sorry (Unless I’m not and am just saying that.)

                Okay, I’ll admit, tentacle love is not my thing.  Monster loving’ doesn’t really do anything for me.  If it’s your thing, great.  I’m not being critical.  But even if it is your thing, don’t read this.


                First off, if you are going to charge 2.99 American for a book that would take anyone whose reading level is higher than second grade 20 minutes at the most to read, it better be damned good and not filled with fragments, confusing sentences, and independents clauses that just don’t make sense. (Please note, that I got this book for free.  The list price on Amazon is 2.99).


                Second, and more importantly, this book is a big solid endorsement of rape culture while reading like something a college boy would write while high on pot and drunk on beer; something he would be writing in the frat house with the other frat boys jerking off while he reads aloud.

                   It is not erotica.  It is porn.


                Worse, it is bad porn.


                Worse, it is bad porn that goes further than objectifying women.  Honestly, if the author really is the woman as the name suggests, I don’t even want to know because that would be so scary.


                Our heroine and I use that term with reservations, is Emily who wants to star in porn movies, that’s why she came to Hollywood.  Tell me that this detail doesn’t scream student wet dream.


                But it gets worse. 


                Emily watches tentacle porn, enjoys it, and feels guilty about enjoying it, well not really.  Really, this sounds like something a guy would want a girl to do.  Not that women can’t like porn, but the porn Emily watches is really rape porn. 


                But I’m skipping ahead.  So like most inspiring porn actresses, the only job Emily can find is waiting tables at some place.  At this some place, this guy called Slick (honestly, Slick?  Really.  Come on, free erotica on the internet as better names than this), finally notices her and invites her to his yacht right after meeting her.


                She’s okay with this. 


                The yacht is one big hook up party, bowls of condoms around and what not. (Sorry, high end condoms.  I think that means flavored ones)  Miss Emily wonders who she should hook up with when a reality star propositions her.


                And I suppose, why there is a great deal of stupidity here, if you leave aside the grammar, it isn’t too bad.


                But as they leave to go to a private room to knock the bed posts, Mr. Hook Up stops Emily from reaching for a condom.  And she is okay with this.  In fact, his getting possessive, cruel, and predatory is a major turn on.  Her vagina is quivering or growling (you think the growling would be a turn off, unless it is her stomach and she gets the two confused).


                It’s the girl really wants to be dominated, abused, and raped trope.


                That pisses me off.  Fine, ignore the conditions between porn and abuse.  Ignore the stupidity of a woman doing what Emily does, and even ignore the fact that an aspiring porn actress is okay going bare back – how is rape erotic?  It’s not.  It’s, at best, pornographic.  And Emily is seen begging for her rape, there really is no other way to put it, twice in this thing.  TWICE!


                It really does feel like a guy who watches too much porn’s wet dream. 


                And this is a problem for me.  I get the arguments about rape fantasy, but rape as a turn on for women appears far too much in work that is supposed to be romantic or erotic.  What that does is normalizes it and suggest to readers, who are not all women, that rape is fine.  There is a difference about a man taking the lead or a woman letting him assume control; and a man dominating a woman r and using her, seeing her as a hole and nothing more.  The second is not erotica; it’s rape.  I don’t understand why writers endorse this.  (Mainstream writers as well as kindle erotica writers do this). 


                The rape fantasy in this book is problematic because it comes across as a male (or lesbian, perhaps) rape fantasy.  It also suggests that while women want to be raped, women should also be ashamed for their sexuality or simply use it to further their careers.  I think of other freebie erotica that I’ve read – Naughty Elf or Myth erotic – and while those books were not the best ever, at least they were not rape fantasies and embraced female sexuality.



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