So the critics got it right

Midnight in Peking: How the Murder of a Young Englishwoman Haunted the Last Days of Old China - Paul French

Sometimes you read a book and wonder why the hell it won all the acclaim listed on the cover.

                This is not one of those books.


French’s work details the investigation of a murder of a young English in Peking just before the onslaught of the Japanese.  To say that the book is engrossing would be an understatement, and to say that the whole book is engrossing would also be wrong.


     It does start off very slow but picks up around page 40.


      French keeps the reader’s attention because he plays with the ideas of guilt and innocene.  In many ways, the reader is like a third investigator in the case or perhaps the jury while French is the advocate.


            Either way it is a thrilling ride.