Watch for that bird!

The Gospel of Loki - Joanne Harris

Apparently Loki is the man of the moment. He needs to thank Tom Hiddleston for that apparently. While some of those who pick up Joanne Harris’ latest might be hoping for Loki a la Marvel, those of us who know about the real Loki are in for a great ride.

                The conceit behind the novel is obvious from the title. The story starts with Loki joining the Aesir and ends with Ragnork. It is the TMZ version of the story as it were.

                It’s hilarious. It’s strange addictive even though the reader knows that Loki is as trustworthy as the proverbial scorpion on the tortoise or frog.

                But like the scorpion at least Loki is honest about it.

                Part of what makes the book a laugh riot is the quotes that precede each chapter. Examples:


  “Never trust a ruminant”


   “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. No one’s immune to bribery.”


    “A bird in the hand will leave you with birdshit on your fingers”.


That last one is really true.


                Loki doesn’t make apologies for who he is, and while he is the hero of the piece, he is hardly a hero. It’s refreshing to read a retelling of a story from the bad guy’s point of view where the bad guy is still the bad guy. You might think the modern tone of voice would be annoying and jarring, but it’s not. It’s surprising nice.


                Harris might have been inspired to write this by the Thor movies, but this is a unique look at the famous myths and really nice to read.