Pumpkin Cinema: The Best Movies for Halloween - Nathaniel Tolle

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.


                This book covers a variety of movies that tie into Halloween. It covers everything from slasher films to foreign. In short, you can find a movie for an adult, a teen, and a child.


                It’s actually quite a nice book. Even if it does mention an Olsen Twin movie as one of the approved Halloween flicks. To be fair, Tolle realizes the weirdness of this and owns up to it. His reasons for including the movie are more than just acting.


                But you can’t hate a book that mentions Arsenic and Old Lace, and gives little known silent and foreign movies props long side big budget movies such as Halloween. There is judgment for sure, as the original The Haunting makes it, but not the remake (thankfully). However, Frankenstein is only mentioned in one form (and not the Kenneth Branagh version). I did wonder why Brotherhood of the Wolf was not included as well.


                Honesty, since the book actually recommends the movie Haunted, one I have long loved, is great.


                Each feature length movie has a brief summary (no spoilers) as well as some interesting factoids (I learned something about a Kate Bush song).   Date, length, rating, and cast are included for all the movies as well. The tone of the book is chatty and amusing.


                Bonus points for the inclusion of Halloween specials and TV episodes. Tolle lists far more than the Simpsons as well as a brief bit by bit of shorter films (like short animated movies). The top five lists in the end are also helpful if you are planning a marathon.