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May 2020
text: Philadelphia Protest
I know that the rioting and looting that took place after the protest got coverage, but people should also know: Rizzo is a...
This was my latest book club choice, and I can definitely recommend it. It's set during a period of history I know very lit...
May 2020
text: More Comic Round up
The Red Shoes and Other Tales by Metaphrog - currently this is free to the end of May in ebook form. It includes two retelli...
text: Other Freebie Image titles
Forgive me for not posting the pics, but my laptop is being fixed, and I’m being lazy. I haven’t read all the other Image b...
text: Lucy Claire series 1-4
Image Comics has a number of issues for free on ebook. Mostly, #1s, and one of the ones on offer is Lucy Claire: Redempation...
Here is a photo I took in Sweden in 2011 of some Ladyslipper orchids.
Please note that I received this via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review. This was really good. I don't know w...
This is the first, and only?, direct sequel in the 'Johnny Dixon' series, and it may be why I remembered not liking this one ...
This was a M/M historical romance. It was a fun escape from the currently reality. The story read like a fanfic I once read,...
May 2020
This evening I took this picture of Bath in the late evening sunlight. I can't make the camera capture the full beauty of ...
When I was growing up one of the board games I enjoyed playing most was Risk. Part of the game involved a deck of “territory ...
May 2020
reviewed: C'mon and read it. Then send a copy to Ted Cruz and other smucks
We do not learn from statues. Despite what some people might think, statues do not come down from their pedestals and give us...
Learning from the Germans - Susan Neiman
read and rated
My buddy read for the month, discussing the new Rokesby over in The Hopeful Readers Group on GoodReads.A grilled cheese and h...
April 2020
So exciting. I didn't even know how to track down news about this, since I didn't know the author's non-Archive of Our Own na...