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February 2020
‘Is it really so bad?’ asked Olivia. ‘The countryside looks so beautiful and the people so happy.’ ‘They’re having a hard ti...
February 2020
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reviewed: Read it
Is it too early in the year to say that if you buy one book this year, it should be this one? Yes, I know Mantel’s conclusion...
Fight of the Century - Michael Chabon, Ayelet Waldman
text: Question
So I am the only one who wants to know what the reading list of famous actors?
it’s been a while - a bit longer than I planned - so it’s time to get back to this series.
I'm on a weekend trip to Napa right now, and while I'm having a good time it's despite my reading circumstances and not becau...
Four chapters into the book and the following already annoy me: 1. The back cover blurb gives away a major plot point. It's...
"PC Park." Birch had to shout over the fire alarm and the general student cacophony. The girl looked up, her face a mask of t...
An old lady who used to live opposite me at No. 10 Notting Hill Crescent has gone to live in the National Gallery. She heard ...
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This was a really good read. Maigret finds himself dealing with Dutch people (the horror!) with the mystery of a dead husband...
A Crime in Holland - Georges Simenon, Siân Reynolds
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reviewed: Spooky
I live down the street from a graveyard. It has foxes. I walk there at least once a week. But not at night.This book does not...
The Graveyard Apartment: A Novel - Mariko Koike, Deborah Boliver Boehm
reviewed: Death bed confession or something
By Night in Chile is part confession, part stream of consciousness, and raises the question of whether or not you can believe...
By Night in Chile - Chris Andrews, Roberto Bolaño