Age: That's kinda rude to ask, isn't?


City: Philadelphia, PA




Some people travel for fashion; I travel for books, at least in part.  It's sad but true.  Books take up far too much of my money, but there are far worse addictions.


I firmly believe that more people in the world need to know how to read read (if you know what I mean).

My reading and review beliefs:

1. All star types (ratings) are used.  Don't like the book, say so.  Love the book, say so

2. It's fine to stop reading a book before the end.  It's fine to review and/or rate said book.

3. It's fine to be honest. 

4. Funny shelf names are neat.  I wish I were that creative.

5. It's okay to like or dislike a book for a stupid reason.

6. Reading outside of comfort zones can be fun.