Banned Book 37 - Strega Nona

Strega Nona - Tomie dePaola More Spaghetti, I Say: Quiero Mas Fideos! - Rita Goldman Gelman, Mort Gerberg, Rita Golden Gelman, Rita Golden Gelman

When my brother was young,  he couldn't say spaghetti.  This meant that whenever my parents read him a book they had to change spaghetti to Getti-Getti or else he would have a meltdown.  He loved two books as a kid - one was Strega Nona, but the one he really loved was More Spaghetti I say.  


I hate that book.  It is burned into my brain.  


I really hate it.


Honesty, if you want to ban a book about pasta it should be that one.  Stupid monkeys.


But since Strega Nona is about witch, it gets picked one.


Always out to get us Italians - cooks, mob, witches.