Seven Continents: Photography of Mohan Bhasker - Mohan Bhasker

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.


                This is a collection of photographs by Mohan Bhasker, and many of them are stunning.  As the title indicts, the photos are divided by continent.  While largely pictures, there is some text, for the most part relating experiences while on the journey. 


                It’s strange that North and South America share a chapter, while each other continent gets its own (and you can make a geologic argument that Europe isn’t one).  While there are pretty pictures of New England in the fall, Canada is left out – though Mexico gets attention.  The focus on South America is largely, though not exclusively, on Argentina.  Those photos are beautiful, largely of nature, and they will make you want to visit.


                I do wonder, can anyone not include photos of lavender in France, just once?

                The weakest section of the book, for me, was the Africa chapter.  This isn’t because the photos aren’t stunning; every photo in the book is. It’s because they are all nature photos.  While the focus is on the natural world, the chapter on the Americas, Europe, and Asia do include buildings.  Why not Africa?  Why just the almost standard photos, wonderful as they are, of lions, zebras, and so on?


                Bu hey, at least Africa got more attention than Australia.


                The heart of the book is the Asia section, including a section on Nepal that is impossible to look at without thinking of the earthquake.  The Asia section does make up for other Africa and Australia.  And it is this chapter that truly comes across as a love letter of words and photos.