Reading Year in Review Part 2 - Popsugar Challenge - Completed

A Book with More Than 500 pages

                The Tale of Heike

A Classic Romance

                Three Arthurian Romances: Poems from Medieval France

A Book that Became a Movie

                Rose Water

A Book Published This Year

                The Rocheford Family

A Book with a Number in the Title

                Women Heroes of WW I

A Book Written by Someone under 30

                Night Horses

A Book With nonhuman Characters

                James the Connoisseur Cat

A Funny Book

                So Anyway

A Book by a Female Author

                Eva’s Eye

A Mystery or Thriller

                Rhode Island Red

A Book with a one Word Title



A Book of Short Stories

                Victorian Fairy Tales

A Book Set in a Different Country


A Nonfiction Book

                The World of Odysseus

A Popular Author’s First Book

                The Evil Seed

A Book from an Author you love that you haven’t read yet

                The Loneliness of the Long Distance Time Traveler

A book a friend recommends

                The Dovekeepers

A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Book

                To Kill a Mockingbird

A Book Based on a True Story

                City of God

A Book at the Bottom of Your TBR List

                How to Fail in Literature

A Book your Mom Loves

                The Secret Rooms

A Book that Scares You


A Book More than 100 Years Old

                Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


A Book Based Entirely on Its Cover

                Wings of Flame

A Book you were Supposed to Read in School but Didn’t

                Treasure of the City of Ladies

A Memoir

                Dead White Guys

A Book You Can Finish in a Day

                American Legends: Gene Kelly

A Book with antonyms in the Title

                Sister Light, Sister Dark

A Book set somewhere you always wanted to visit

                Do Penance or Perish

A Book that came out the Year you were born

                Shelley the Pursuit

A Book with Bad Reviews

                The Green Knight

A Trilogy

                The Duncton Chronicles

A Book from Your Childhood

                Finn Family Moomintroll

A Book with a love triangle

                The Heptamon

A Book set in the Future

                Abducted by the Star Prince


A Book set in high school

                Causal Vacancy

A Book with a color in the title

                Black Betty

A Book that Made You Cry

                Shoulder a Coffin a Kura Vol 4

A Book with Magic

                Song of the Quarkbeast

A Graphic Novel

                Complete Elfquest Vol 1

A Book by an Author you’ve never read before

                Love #2

A Book You Own but Never Read

                Hit Girls

A Book that takes place in your hometown

                Summer 1787

A Book that was originally written in a Different Language

                The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony

A Book Set during Christmas

                Christmas Frost

A Book Written by an Author with your same initials

                British Legends: George III

A Play

                12 Angry Men


A Banned Book

                Huck Finn

A Book Based on or turned into a TV Show

                The Thick of It – DOS Files

A Book you started by never finished

                A Brutal Telling