So one day Graves read this and years late we had a BBC soap

Caligula (Little Black Classics #17) - Suetonius

                For me, Caligula will always be John Hurt dancing.  That scene, from I Claudius where Hurt prances in front of Derek Jacobi and two other politicos   that mini-series has influenced how I see Livia and Claudius.  So Caligula is John Hurt.

                This Penguins Little Classic is Suetonius’ chronicle of Caligula, and thorough Suetonius’ history does rely on rumor and story, it is still a good read.  Even today, it still speaks largely to politics.   More importantly, Suetonius seems to be puzzled, as most people are, when looking at the two Caligulas – the good that everyone and the nut.  This is something that we still puzzle over today – Ben Carson seemed far more normal when he was a simple brain surgeon.  Now, well.

                Suetonius is part gossip mag, part sexual tape (without the blue dress) and part wonderment.