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Before the Feast - Sasa Stanisic, Anthea Bell

                This book is one of those that are instant cover lover.  It is also a good read.

                 A friend of mine who read the back cover said it sounds like a mixture of British comedy, Shirley Jackson, and Monty Python.  (Yes, I know).

                He’s not far off.

                The witches’ brew works too.

                The novel centers on a town in Germany that sits near two lakes.  It is an old town with old traditions and old mysteries.

                The difficult thing is that it is impossible to write a review without spoilers.  The language is wonderful, so odds are the translation is good.  The story is told in short chapters. There is the old man who may or may not be attempting to commit suicide.  There is the assistant bell ringer.  There is the bar owner, though it isn’t really a bar.  There is the woman who runs the historic building.  There is the egg seller.  There is the young woman who is leaving town in some way.  There is the vixen. 

                And there is the narrator.

                It is such a lovely novel.  It really is.  There is magic in it.   If you like fairy tales, folklore, ghost stories, vixens,