Star Trek Movie Tie-In (Star Trek: The Original Series) - Alan Dean Foster

So I have been a long time warming up to the reboot, I will be honest. I didn't watch this movie until the second one came out, and I haven't read the novelization until after I saw the third one (in the theatre and in 3-d). Quite frankly, the third movie is the best of the three, but I find this reboot to far superior to say Star Wars Force Awakens.

But about this novelization. It's a good novelization. Foster has little touches that work nicely, and in particular gives Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov more to do (he even, to my mind, improves upon a weak point in the movie). Of course, when takes a step back and starts looking at plot, there are a couple issues - and not just how Kirk is a special snowflake in this movie and book (where he really wasn't in the OST).

Still, a nice enjoyable quick read.