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Maplecroft: The Borden Dispatches - Cherie Priest

Shout out to the other bingo player who mentioned this book.


This is pretty good.  It is actually a cut above some of Priest's other work, not that Priest's other work is bad.  It isn't.   But this is better than the later Clockwork Century books.  The novel concerns what "really" happened during Lizzie Borden's post-murder accusation career.  It concerns freaky things that are connected to water.  It's actually scary than Jaws.  The book wins hands down in terms of atmosphere. 


The story is told from different points of view via different dispatches from various characters, including Lizzie, her sister Emma, a doctor, and others.   The voices are as quite as distinct as they could be, but once the story gets moving you really don't care about that.


It is rather spine tingling too.