Ebook version

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien I made all the teachers laugh in the prep room. I said I had 4000 kindle books, and I couldn't find anything to read. See, I wanted to read this. Thankfully, when Jackson released the Hobbit movies, this kindle version was on sale for under $2. I figured why not. I don't usually double buy unless you count freebies (such as classic lit), but it was too good a deal to pass up. So I have the kindle version, the hardback version, the audio tape version, the BBC version on Audible, the Jackson movies, the cartoon, and the cartoon's album. (It's pretty much the same for LOTR, except I don't own the cartoon version of Return of the King. We don't talk about that movie). My real book version of this, if you know what I mean, has the Hague illustrations and this one seems to have the Tolkien illustrations, which was cool. What is also neat about the kindle version is that when Elrond translates Thorin's map, the book has in text links back to the map. That was cool. Yet, it is not the same as reading my real edition if you know what I mean. That is the drawback of kindle books. A real book is just the text, it also is in many ways a memory of you reading the text. There are prints in the book - whether just memories or actual stains. You don't get that with a kindle. It's more impersonal. So it wasn't quite the same re-reading it this time. Not the prof's fault by any means. Smaug is still a Dark Sith Lord well before Lucas invented them, offering truths and half truths. It was so nice to see the Thrush that was deleted from the Jackson movies. And thankfully, we didn't have dwelfs. And the songs. I missed the songs in the movies. A classic as always.