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The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood - Howard Pyle

Title: Adventures of Robin Hood and His Merry Men

Author: Howard Pyle


First Read:  Have no idea, forever


                This was my first literary introduction to Robin Hood, it might even pre date my seeing of the Flynn movie, though I am not sure. 


                The strange thing is that this book also had my first literary crush – David of Doncaster.  I’m not sure why I fastened on to him, but I did.  Maybe because I knew, or thought, Robin was already taken, and Little John never seemed to be a man for me.


                Robin Hood no doubt is a large influence on my love for elves, so this book is partly to blame.  Much is made of his books being for boys, but they are pretty good for young girls too.  The examples are all heroic, but there is no moralizing.  The purpose, if purpose there is, seems to be educate the reader on the basic myth or legend.


                This was also one of the first books that my father gave me.


The aged palmer gives young David of Doncaster news of Will Stutely.  From The merry adventures of Robin Hood, written and illustrated by Howard Pyle, New York, 1892.  (Source: