First Bingo Read!

Wayward Vol. 1: String Theory - Jim Zub, Jim Zub, Steve Cummings, John Rauch

This just goes to show how well those lists for work me, doesn't it?


Qualifies for  - Demons Square (uncalled, but read)


This graphic novel makes us of Japanese folklore, in particular folklore surronding demons and even includes a brief folklore overview at the end, describing various demons used in the story.


Rori is a young girl whose parents have divorced.  Her father is Irish, her mother is Japanese.  She was living with her father, apparently something major went down, and she goes to Japan to stay with the mother.  The conflict of being trapped between two cultures is done particularly well.  However, the reader should know that there are triggers, including cutting.  This is not a book for the young.


Rori discovers that she has magical abilites and mets up with three other teens who also have powers.  Then things start to get out of hand as demons close in because they want something.


The characters are interesting.  My only quibble is the kitsune who look more like wolves than like foxes.