What if meets Star Wars

Star Wars Omnibus: Infinities - Chris Warner, Dave Land, Adam Gallardo

This is what if Star Wars.  There are three stories in this omnibus - for New Hope, Empire, and Jedi.  The weakest for me is New Hope, mostly because I doubt that Leia would have given into anger.  I'm sorry.  Look, Luke whines quite a bit and then when things get tough, runs off to some planet.  But Leia puts her nose to the grind stone.  Yes, I know the movies want us to see Leia largely though the lense of Luke and Han (she, who lost her whole world and family, comforts Luke because of Kenobi's death.  She didn't know about his aunt and uncle then).  Honesty, if I wanted one of the Skywalker kids as a Jedi, she's the one you pick.


Which is what happens in Empire in a way.  Jedi changes what happens in Jabba's palace.  These two are stronger and in some ways deeper than the first.  


In fact, all three make note of the idea of everyone fixating on the Skywalker son as opposed to Leia.